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Hamilton Township Fire Department

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Hamilton Township Fire Department (HTFD) has been providing fire and EMS services to its residents since 1944. Today HTFD provides 24/7 coverage for Hamilton Township, Obetz, Lockbourne, Reese, Rickenbacker, Shadeville and the surrounding communities. HTFD is dispatched by The City of Columbus. HTFD provides Emergency Medical Services, Fire suppression, Hazardous Material Response, and Community Paramedicine services. HTFD is a full time department employing full time and part time members. Hamilton Township operates two stations, 171 and 172, taking an average of 5,500+ runs a year. 

Station 171:

1460 Obetz Rd, Columbus, OH 43207

Phone: 614-491-1013

Engine 171 (E171) is a staffed with a minimum of three firefighter/paramedics able to preform fire suppression, hazardous materials response, auto extrication, and (EMS) emergency medical services at the (ALS) advanced life support level. Engine 173 (E173) is housed here as a backup unit. This unit is unstaffed and typically used whenever another department engine is receiving maintenance.

Medic 171 (M171) is staffed with a minimum of two firefighter/paramedics able to provide (EMS) emergency medical services at the (ALS) advanced life support level.


Medic 173 (M173) is operated out of this station when manpower permits. This unit is operated by two firefighter/paramedics able to administer (EMS) emergency medical services at the (ALS) advanced life support level. 

Station truck 171 is also housed here and is used for miscellaneous or administration task.

Station 172:

6410 Lockbourne Rd, Lockbourne, OH 43137

Phone: 614-491-1050

Engine 172 (E172) and Medic 172 (M172) are operated out of this station. A minimum of three firefighter/paramedics are staffed at this station and crossman both units. Depending on the type of call dispatched either Engine 172 or Medic 172 will be assigned to the run. The crew will respond with either E172 or M172 but not both. Additionally the department houses two other back up medic units M174 and M175. 

Grassfighter 172 (G172) is a unit that is specifically designed to be used in the suppression of grassfires. This truck is operated by the stations crew when it is assigned to a run.

HTFD Motto:

"Be fair,   Be safe,   Be honest.   

Treat people like family, with honor and integrity."

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