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Q: Are Hamilton Township's monthly meetings open to the public?


     A: Yes! Residents and non-residents are encouraged to attend Hamilton Township's monthly meetings. Meetings are held every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm in the township administration building at 6400 Lockbourne Rd.


Q: Who provides police services for Hamilton Township?


     A: Police protection for Hamilton Township is provided under contract through the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  There is a sheriff  substation located at the township administration building. Click here for contact information.

Q: Will I be billed for emergency medical services?


     A: Hamilton Township 'soft-bills' for EMS services. This means that your insurance company (if you have insurance) will be billed, but Hamilton Township residents themselves are never billed. Click here for more information about EMS billing.


Q: Who provides trash collection services in Hamilton Township?


     A: Trash collection services are provided under contract to Hamilton Township through Republic Waste Services @ 614-308-3000. Trash collection is every Wednesday beginning at 7am. Holidays will delay trash pickup by one day if it falls on or before Thursday.


Q: What should I do with my vehicle during snow removal operations?


     A: Hamilton Township makes every attempt to prevent vehicle damage during snow removal operations, but damage can still occur. To prevent this, please move your vehicles off the street during snow removal operations. This enables the snow removal crews to properly clear the snow, and it also prevents damage to your vehicle.


Q: What should I do if an emergency vehicle approaches me from behind while I am driving my car?


     A: Always go right (not left) for lights! Emergency vehicle operators will assume that you are going to pull to the right shoulder of the road, and they will pass you on the left. Try to get out of the way as much as you can, the emergency vehicle will get around you. Emergency vehicles are not allowed to pass a school bus with it's red lights and/or stop sign activated. They must wait for an all-clear signal from the bus driver or a police officer to ensure that the children are safely out of the way before proceeding.


Q: What should I do if a school bus is stopped with it's red lights and/or stop sign activated while I am driving my car?


     A: Ohio state law requires that all drivers come to a complete stop in both directions of travel and wait for the lights and/or stop sign to be deactivated by the driver of the school bus. Alternately, the school bus driver or a police officer may signal you to pass. Use extreme caution around a school bus, and look for children even when the lights and/or stop sign is NOT activated!


Q: Why do I sometimes see a fire truck responding with an ambulance?

A: The severity of an emergency call can be difficult to predict, however, the people who dispatch emergency equipment try their best to do so using the information that is provided to them by the 911 caller. Some emergency medical dispatches are deemed more serious than others, and, as such, require more manpower than what's available on the ambulance alone. Suppose the call comes in for an 'unconscious person'. This could be a serious medical condition, requiring an additional paramedic to provide emergency medical care during the transport to the hospital. Now, suppose this 'unconscious person' is in the basement of their home. A two or three man ambulance would need additional manpower to assist in moving the patient to the ambulance.  In this scenario, the extra manpower on the fire truck can become a valuable resource that could mean the difference between life and death, and waiting an additional five minutes for the fire truck to respond 'after the fact' would be unreasonable and irresponsible. Additionally all Hamilton Township Fire Department employees are both firefighters and paramedics. This means if the situation dictates additional advanced emergency medical services are available from the members on the fire truck. 

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