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Community Assistance Program

To assist members of our community at 'high risk' by the coronavirus, there will be a temporary implementation of a senior 'Community Assistance Program'.


     What is the purpose of the Community Assistance Program?

To create an option for 'high risk' community members to have access to essential supplies such as  groceries, and household supplies through volunteers.

     Who is the Community Assistance Program for?

Under recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionGovernor Mike DeWine and President Donald Trump; those at 'high risk' for acquiring coronavirus are urged to avoid densely populated areas such as grocery stores, malls or any assembly of ten or more people.

Community members that fall within the 'high risk' category for coronavirus, such as Seniors 60+ years old, and those with preexisting medical conditions (such as respiratory, kidney, heart disease…) and seniors without an immediate support system in place, will qualify for this assistance.

Community members of ObetzHamilton TownshipLockbourne, Reese and Shadeville, will be eligible for the Community Assistance Program evaluation.

     How does the Community Assistance Program work?

Community members can call the Hamilton Township Fire Department and answer a questionnaire. Eligible member’s information will be recorded by a fire department employee, who will pass on this information to an off-duty volunteer from one of the below mentioned groups.

These volunteers will contact you by phone to set a time to come to your home and pick up the grocery list you have assembled. The community member will also supply the volunteer with cash to purchase from your list.

The member will return to your home with groceries, change (if any) and the receipt of purchase. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, personnel medications and non-staple items will not be eligible for purchase by the volunteer.

The community member should have their grocery list and cash ready prior the member’s arrival. To limit exposure to both the community member and the volunteer, contact and exchange should take place outside the home environment.

     Who are the volunteers helping with this program?

Hamilton Township Fire Department members, Obetz Police Department members, Obetz Administrative staff, and vetted members of the community by the Fire department.

Contact Hamilton Township Fire Department for more information.

Station 171       614-491-1042                           

Station 172       614-491-1050

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