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Hamilton Township Fire Department (HTFD) operates on a 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule. This is accomplished via 3 shifts, 1 unit, 2 unit, and 3 unit. Each unit is under the command of one shift captain and one shift lieutenant with an assigned complement of firefighter/paramedics. Staffing consist of a total of full time and part time members. In addition to the units there are two administrative positions, the Fire Chief and EMS coordinator which work a 40 hours a week. 

The Fire Chief serves as the head of HTFD managing the overall department. These duties can include inspections, planning, and various other administrative duties. 

The EMS coordinator severs in an important role conducting many behind the scenes responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the departments EMS system. These responsibilities and duties can include EMS training, equipment, and EMS billing. In addition to these duties our EMS coordinator serves as a community paramedic. Community paramedicine is a new and cutting edge trend in prehospital medicine. A community paramedic serves in a non traditional role assisting with public health, primary healthcare, and preventative services to disadvantaged members of the community. 

Paramedics are required to operate under a physicians license in the state of Ohio. HTFD's medical director is Brad Raetzke MD based out of Riverside Methodist Hospital. 

Meet the faces of HTFD below!

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