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Hamilton Township Road Department has been serving the community of Hamilton Township since 1979 and was headed by Leroy Breech; who went on to become one of Hamilton Township's trustees! The road department started with one International Harvester dump truck, one employee and a small allotment of tools. Now the department has grown to three employees and added an array of equipment. 


The road department is the keeper of the township. They care for the roads, signage, parks, buildings, storm drains, snow removal, ice control and many other tasks necessary to keep the township maintained properly.

Road department employees can operate the following equipment:


  • 1 backhoe

  • 1 pickup truck

  • 1 utility truck

  • 1 dump truck

  • 1 tractors

  • 2 zero-turn mower

In the year 2014, Hamilton Township Road Department was responsible for the following maintenance services:


  • 26 miles of roadways

  • Distribution of 200 tons of road salt

  • 15.5 square miles of township land

  • 2 parks

  • 4 buildings

  • 2 cemeteries


Please take caution when driving your vehicle in Hamilton Township. "Give 'em a Brake!"


Contact Hamilton Township Road Department:

6390 Lockbourne Rd

Lockbourne, OH 43137


614-491-8550 (Business hours)

614-645-7788 (After hours)

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