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  • Energy Aggregation Program - Letter from Trebel Energy regarding energy aggregation program click here

  • Recycling Update - Follow the link to learn about the recycling update for Franklin County Residents. Click here

  • Rickenbacker International Airport Guide Update - The Rickenbacker International Airport Guide has been updated. The updated guide can be found here

  • Community Overdose AdvisoryFranklin County Public Health (FCPH) in coordination with members of the Columbus and Franklin County Addiction Plan had an emergency meeting discussing the current conditions of opiate overdoses within the county. As apart of their coordinated response FCPH would like to spread awareness of the resources they offer.

  • Local Waste Refuse Collection All homeowners who reside in Hamilton Township (unincorporated areas) are required to pay a quarterly refuse collection fee to Local Waste, no exceptions.  If you are not receiving a bill, please contact Local Waste.  Delinquent refuse fees will be assessed a penalty and attached to your property taxes each quarter.

  • Community Center/Community Park - Due to COVID-19 the Community Center located at 6400 Lockbourne Road is unavailable for gatherings until further notice.  The Community Park is open for individual recreational use only. Please no gatherings larger than 10 people, per state order.  The playground equipment is off limits until further notice as well.

  • Sidewalk Replacement Program - Hamilton Meadows The contractor has finished the 2020 phase. Homeowners will be receiving a notice in the mail giving them the option of paying the fee for their sidewalk directly to the township, or having the cost attached to their property taxes.  If your sidewalk is newly replaced and you do not receive a notice, please contact the township office.

  • Noise Ordinance/CurfewHamilton Township would like to remind citizens of the Noise Ordinance and Curfew's within the township. You can view these ordinances below.

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