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Current Sheriff:
Dallas Baldwin

Hamilton Township contracts the services of Franklin County Sheriff's Department to provide police protection for it's citizens. Franklin County Sheriff's Department already has jurisdiction in Hamilton Township because Hamilton Township is located in Franklin County, but Hamilton Township contracts for extra sheriff presence over and above what's already provided.  These extra deputies are dedicated solely to Hamilton Township, and are in vehicles specifically marked Hamilton Township.


In addition to Franklin County Sheriff's Department, Hamilton Township has mutual-aid agreements with surrounding police and fire agencies who can be called upon if additional assistance is needed.


In the early days of Hamilton Township, there was a dedicated police constable who served Hamilton Township. This constable appointment was dissolved and Franklin County Sheriff's Department was contracted to take it's place.


There is a sheriff substation in Hamilton Township located in the rear of the administration building at 6400 Lockbourne Rd


Contact Info:

614-491-2993 (Business)

614-525-3333 (Non-Emergency)

614-491-3003 (Fax)

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