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Park Rules



Resolution #.  142


A Resolution revisiting and restating  rules and regulations for parks located in the unincorporated areas of Hamilton Township, Franklin County, Ohio, USA.


WHEREAS, a board of township trustees is authorized pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Sections  505.261 and 511.32 to adopt rules and regulations for the government and control of park government and control of any such park or grounds and protect them and the trees, shrubbery, plants, and improvements from misuse, injury, or destruction, and provide for the enforcement of such rules and regulations;




WHEREAS, the Hamilton Township Board of Trustees, is authorized pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 505.261 and 511.32, to provide for the enforcement of park rules and regulations by fines and penalties;




WHEREAS, in order to provide for a safe and enjoyable environment for all residents and users of Township parks, the Board of Trustees believes it is best interest of the residents of the Township to adopt fines and penalties for violations of park rules and regulations and to further restates the rules and regulations governing the conduct and use of Township parks;




NOW THEREFORE, upon introduction and motion of Trustee D. Heller, seconded by Trustee C. Hann, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Trustees of Hamilton Township, Franklin County, Ohio, that:


Hours of Operation.


  • Hamilton Township parks will be open daily from sunrise until sunset. No person is permitted in any park outside of these hours without the prior written approval of the Hamilton Township Board of Trustees (hereinafter the “Board”).  The closing of any Township park or any field may occur in the sole and absolute discretion of the Board.


Personal Conduct, Rights of Others.


  • Disturbing the Peace.  No person shall disturb the peace by fighting, quarreling with loud voices or shouts, nor threaten violence to the person or property of others, nor act in a riotous, disorderly or boisterous manner, nor use obscene, profane or abusive language in any Township park, including during any authorized sporting activity taking place in any Township park


  • Soliciting, Begging.  No person shall beg, solicit, advertise or sell in any manner, or for any reason, in any Township park without the prior written permission of the Board. 


  •  Loitering. No person shall loiter in or near any building, structure or motor vehicle in any Township park.


  • Gambling. No person shall gamble or conduct games of chance in any form in any Township park, except for civic or community events and/or organizations authorized by the Ohio Revised Code to conduct the same and only upon prior written approval of the Board.


Defacement of Property


  • No person shall, in any way, injure, deface, destroy, disturb, or remove any part of a building, sign, equipment or other structure or property, including plants and or other vegetation from any Township park.


Littering, Dumping


  • No person shall discard or dump within any Township park, any papers, garbage, ashes, bottles, cans, refuse or foreign materials of any kind except in receptacals provided. No household garbage, yard waste or foreign materials generated outside of any Township park shall be discarded or disposed of in any park receptacle. No person shall place, throw or drain any noxious or offensive materials into any Township park drain, ditch, ground or water.


Alcoholic Beverages


  • No person shall consume, possess, distribute or offer for sale any alcoholic beverage or intoxicating liquor in any Township park. No person is permitted to be in a state of intoxication within any Township park.


Pets and Other Animals


  • Dogs and cats are permitted in any Township park only if the dog or cat is leashed (leash must not be longer than 6 feet) and controlled at all times. Dogs and cats are not permitted on athletic fields, playground areas or landscaped areas. All dog and cat feces must be removed from the park immediately by the person in control of the animal. Dogs and cats are not permitted to defecate or urinate on any athletic filed, playground area or any walkway/pathway. Other than dogs and cats, no household pets, domestic or exotic animals are permitted in any Township park.


Firearms, Fireworks, Exposives and Dangerous Ordinances


  • No person shall carry or discharge any firearm, air, gas or pellet or pain guns, bows, crossbow, slingshots, fireworks or any other dangerous ordinance of any kind within any Township park.


Hunting and Trapping


  • No person shall hunt, persue or trap or in any way molest or harm any wild bird or animal within any Township park.


Fires, Portable Grills


  • No person shall kindle or build a fire within any Township park. Portable grills may be used with the prior written permission of the Board. All fires in any portable grill must be extinquished and disposed of properly prior to leaving the park.




  • No person shall camp or sleep overnight nor erect any tents or temporary lodging in any Township park without the prior written approval of the Board.


Motor Vehicles


  • The operation of motor vehicles using any designated park drive or parking area, shall at all times, be in compiance with all motor vehicle laws of the State of Ohio. No person shall drive a motorized vehicle, including motorcycles, on any walking trail and/or walking path. Vehicles are restricted to paved roadways and designated parking areas only. Motor vehicles must comply with posted speed limit signs.


ATV's, Snowmobiles, Go-carts, Mini-bikes


  • No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a snowmobile, mini-bike, go-cart, or other vehicle not normally registered with the State Bureau of Motor Vehicles in any Township park.




  • Hamilton Township parks exist for the benefit and use of residents and the general public.  The Township will make every effort to ensure that reasonable care is taken to make the parks safe.  Users of Township parks are hereby advised that their use of all park grounds and facilities is at their own risk.


  • Unsafe Condition.  If, during the use of any park, any person recognizes an unsafe condition existing in the park, they are asked to contact the Hamilton Township Fiscal Office at (614) 491-3963.


  • Imminent Danger.  If the unsafe condition is classified as imminent danger or life threatening, you are urged to contact the Franklin County Sheriffs Department at 911. 


Failure to Comply, Penalties, Other Regulations.


  • Failure to Comply.  No person shall refuse to comply with any the rules and regulations set forth herein or any other reasonable order of any Township officer, employee or any person authorized by the Board to enforce these rules, including but not limited to the Franklin County Sheriff Deputies, any other authorized law enforcement officer or any umpire or referee of an athletic event.  When, in the opinion of any person authorized to enforce these rules and regulations, any person is not complying with rules and regulations or is participating in any activity that constitutes a hazard to themselves or others or is in any way being a nuisances or disturbing the peace of the parks, may be removed from the park by the appropriate authority and subject to fines and prosecution as set forth in this Section.  Any violation of these rules and regulations shall be immediately reported to the Franklin County Sheriff Department


  • Violation of these rules and regulations may result in permanent expulsion from Township parks and prosecution in a court of law.  Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Sections 505.261 and 511.32, any person violating any of the foregoing rules and regulations and any amendments or additions thereto or any directive from any authorized personnel as set forth above, shall be subject to prosecution and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) for the first offense, nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each second and further offense. 


  • Other Regulations.  In addition to these rules and regulations, all park visitors are also subject to State, Federal and other local regulations, as applicable.




  • If any section, paragraph or provision of this Resolution shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the invalidity or unenforceability of such section, paragraph or provision shall not affect any of the remaining provisions of this Resolution.


Open Meeting Law. 


  • This Governing Body hereby finds and determines that all formal actions relative to the adoption of this Resolution were taken in an open meeting of this Governing Body, and that all deliberations of this Governing Body and of its committees, if any, which resulted in formal action, were in meetings open to the public, in full compliance with applicable legal requirements.




  • All resolutions, orders or parts thereof in conflict with the provisions of this Resolution are, to the extent of such conflict, hereby repealed and the provisions of this Resolution shall prevail and be given effect.


Effective Date. 


  • This Resolution shall take effect from and after its passage, as provided by law.




  • June 11, 2008

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