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Electricity Aggregation

Electricity Aggregation


Voters in Hamilton Township approved a utility aggregation issue last November that will impact electric bills this year. Opt out letters (for residents who do not want to participate in the program) were mailed in late March/early April with program savings appearing on June/July statements.


With electric deregulation, AEP is still responsible for delivering power to your property. They will continue to own the meters, poles and wires transmitting the electricity and will still bill for distribution and maintenance, but the generation and transmission portion of your statement—under aggregation—will be billed by another company.


If there is a service problem, you will continue to call AEP. The aggregation program has no impact upon service reliability. It does afford price stability by offering fixed rates set during the contract period and potential savings over variable utility rates.


While gas was also included in the ballot issue, only electricity aggregation is addressed at this time. The agreement is similar to the township’s trash district policy, where all residents are included in the program. A supplier has yet to be determined, but will be determined at the time residents receive opt-out letters. There is no fee to opt-out and there is no charge if a resident later decides to join the township aggregation program.


“If anyone is currently under contract with another supplier, they will not receive a formal opt-out letter,” said Scott Belcastro, a Trebel LLC representative assisting the township with the aggregation program.  “They are removed from the list.  We do not end their contract.  However, if they choose to join the program, they only need to contact the selected township supplier or Trebel if they need assistance.  If anyone is receiving PIPP assistance, they too will not receive any letters to join the program.  They stay with the PIPP program.”


Property owners supplied by the South Central Power cooperative are also not included in the aggregation program. For more information, call Trebel, LLC at 1-877- 861-2772, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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